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Shangtaoyun—Introduction to Custom Decoration

The customization function of the Shangtaoyun multi-user mall system is mainly to allow users to customize the layout of the store homepage on the computer side and the H5 side, and no longer use the default layout of the store homepage in a stereotyped manner.。

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Three Benefits of Custom Editing

Eighteen custom decoration components, a variety of decoration options

It contains as many as 18 components, such as pictures, texts, floors, products, window marketing, coupons, navigation bars, search boxes, videos, etc. There are many options for decoration, and the decoration effect is updated instantly and presented immediately.

Support custom decoration of mall and store homepage

Support e-commerce system administrators to customize and decorate the homepage interface of the mall, and support all merchants to customize and edit the homepage of the store in the housekeeper background to create a unique style of the mall interface.

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Support computer and mobile phone custom editing

Supports custom editing of the homepage of the mall on different ports such as computer PC, mobile APP, and mobile WAP, fully satisfying users of different channels to obtain a good visual experience when entering the mall.

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